Monday, May 19, 2008

Precious Adona's FHM Autograph Signing

Slim Oriental Morena Chick with Curves at the Right Places = AWESOMENESS

I attended the FHM Autograph Signing of Precious Adona at Robinson’s Movieworld in Robinson’s Galleria last May 9. The line was long and it was filled up by nerds like me (yeah right! :P).

Presh was really nice to her fans and she was the exact opposite of everything that is snobbish. She was “kalog” enough: she gestured a peace sign like a Japanese Girl whenever her picture was taken. Presh hugged and kissed her female fans. I think that was very sweet of her. And yes she was hot… she wouldn’t be a cover girl if she wasn’t noh? I don’t know what the judges of Be Bench were inhaling when they eliminated her, but hey Presh got up when she fell and right now she’s in front of a huge standing ovation. Pun not intended…

I really think she’s that type of girl you can introduce to your Mom that’s why it saddens me whenever I recall that she did “this movie” to elevate her career in showbiz. What’s even more saddening is that she had scenes in the movie with this asshole. Sigh

"So Are You..."


Allan Barredo said...

swerte mo bro :), kahit mahaba ang pila e pipila rin siguro ako :D

Yam said...

Accomodating siya Bro'..

Inubos niya pa nga yung mga nakapila! :)