Sunday, September 02, 2007

Revitalizing my Benedictine Blood

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Maureen, an old friend from Palawan. Actually, it was just our first time to hang out with each other since NFJPIA’s 20th Annual National Convention held last 2003 at Puerto Princesa City where her school acted as host. I also wasn’t able to see her during our CPA review days.
Mau is currently studying Law at San Beda College. She invited me to hear mass at San Beda Chapel since Fr. Africa, her Seminar Professor, was the presiding priest. Mau mentioned to me before that Fr. Africa’s sermons were very good (Later, I found Mau’s story about Fr. Africa very true since his homily did not disappoint me.). She also stated that Fr. Africa is the spiritual director of the San Beda Red Lions, the school’s basketball team. The Red Lions are required to attend mass every first Sunday of the month that’s why we were lucky enough to see the likes of Pong, Yousif, and Sam.

San Beda Chapel was designed by the Swedish architect George Asp, whose works include the first buildings of Holy Ghost College (now College of the Holy Spirit) on Mendiola Street and St. Theresa’s College on San Marcelino. The church was completed in 1925 and dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus on January 13, 1926.

The chapel was described vividly in San Beda College’s web page:

“The monastic community calls it the Abbey Church while the school population calls it the College Chapel, for it serves the Abbey and the college, and is a source of pride for both. The monks sing the Divine Office and celebrate the Conventual Mass daily in the sanctuary, and students, teachers, administrators, and workers gather for Masses that celebrate various events in the life of the school.”

It was described that once a person enters the nave, he experiences the sudden expansion of space and an unexpected profusion of color. Cool huh?

The paintings are also the most famous and most admired feature of the church. The paintings are the works of Fr. Lesmes Lopez, OSB, while the decorations around the paintings were done by Bro. Salvador Alberich, OSB. Both are Spanish monks.

On the walls of the sanctuary are representations of The Nativity, The Circumcision, The Holy Family at Nazareth, Jesus with the Teachers in the Temple, The Adoration of the Magi, The Presentation in the Temple, The Flight to Egypt, and The Annunciation.

Outside you can see the abbey gardens.

After hearing mass, my desire to attend law school flamed once more. I hope, with God’s blessing, I can achieve my dream of becoming a lawyer soon.


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*beautiful. beautiful.

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@ patrick- Much Thanks, Bro'!