Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Day After The Glorietta 2 Explosion...

Angel Mama: “Anak, nabili mo na ba yung pantalon na gusto mong isuot sa darating mong kaarawan… yung Guess?”

Little Yummy: “No Mom, they blew up the mall yesterday.”

Angel Mama: “Susmaryosep!”

Assuming that it was an accident and that it was all shit gas killing eleven people, I still think that the negligence behind this disaster should be looked into and dealt upon accordingly. It is the responsibility of the management to look after the well being of its patrons. Shopping should be fun, not fatal.


mschumey07 said...

Every angle should be looked into extensively. I just hope that the real cause be found.

Yam said...

@ mschumey07- The truth will surface but may be hidden eventually.