Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farewell Message: JPIA Region 3 Council 2002-2003

As I write down this message of mine, I can’t stop from taking a glimpse of my experiences with the council. I placed a photograph of the group in front of me so that each stroke of my pen resembles a fond memory I had with these loving individuals.

The council reminds me of the game Chrono Cross. This game gave significance to the Threads of Fate. It says there that every person possess a special and unique kind of thread. Serge, the main character, has a very strong thread. As he embarked on his adventures through time, this thread of his engulfed the threads of his comrades whom he met along his journey. His thread is so strong that whenever Serge makes decisions for himself, the results of his decisions magically affect the fate of his friends, each being different and suiting for that particular individual. This fusion of threads of fate by his team not only made them victorious at the end of the game, but also accomplished each member’s goal by linking their fates together as one.

A year ago, the council engulfed my thread the same way Serge did in the game. Conventions, meetings, and gatherings became tonics of togetherness and elixirs of unity. Our term became a sphere of camaraderie.

My thread of fate grew stronger in each of our gatherings as it interconnected simultaneously with the others’. What made it more special is that by being a part of the team, my relationship with my two college buddies grew stronger and into the most shining part of my thread.

Since our threads of fate became bonded together just like in the game of Chrono Cross, we can now face the challenges that bound us as future Certified Public Accountants and emerge victorious.

God Bless us all!

Author: This is a partly edited version of this blogger’s farewell message published in the second issue of The Disclosur3 for the School Year 2002-2003. The aforementioned issue featured the 9th Grand Annual Regional Convention held at the Subic International Hotel in Subic Naval Base last January 24-26, 2003.

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