Monday, May 08, 2006


I attended mass last Sunday, May 7, 2006, at the Sto. Domingo Parish in Mexico, Pampanga. Aside from having a priest who looked like Boy Abunda, I had idealism lectured upon me in a non-showbiz talkshow manner.

Idealism remains fresh when you are young. Fresh as it may, we cannot deminish the fact that as we grow older, idealism's stages of decomposition creep over, one after the other.

I was idealistic during my younger years. Now, at an enviable age of 22, I could say that being idealistic was sort of a child's role-playing game. Reality does bite. And it sucks blood big time! Nevertheless, idealism remains within us... only because it has been always there in the first place.
I may be wrong in saying that my idealism is long dead & rotting. The Abunda priest may be right in saying that ideas stuck in our heads block those that matters, making ourselves irrelevant.

I may have become irrelevant all these time due to the thought that the things surrounding me are relevant to my existence, to my progress, and to my esteem.

Or maybe I am just being idealistic.