Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mossimo Bikini Grand Prix 2006

Little Yummy: "Thanks for coming! I never thought I will be watching this with you."
Bhabyness: "I couldn’t believe you invited me."
Little Yummy: "This will be my first time to watch a show of this kind. Buti na lang kasama kita…."
Bhabyness: "At least may purpose ang pag-attend natin dito."
Little Yummy: "I’ve thought about it talaga. Now you’ll get to see half-naked men!"
Bhabyness: "And who said I’m here to see half-naked men?!"
Little Yummy: "Aww… That’s so sweet of you. So you’re here to spend some time with me pala…"
Bhabyness: "Nope! I’m here to see half-naked women."

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