Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sir Yam: Accounting Professor

I heard from time and time again that teaching is a noble profession.

Yes, indeed it is noble! I can provide you a very good example right now.

I started teaching Basic Accounting to Management Majors without signing any contract of agreement with the school.

That means right now I don’t know how much I’ll be earning, if ever the school decides not to blackmail me and leave me dumbfounded.

My desire to teach does not include the financial benefits attached to it, if there even is such an attachment. I teach to educate people of the facts that surround reality. I learned these things from an accounting professor of mine.

Professor Liggapedersungacastadotan: “I don’t give a shit if you learned the subject from me or not. That’s your problem!”

“I just want you to see and learn what the world has to offer… and what you need to do to avoid getting crapped on!”

I’m proud to say that I have an invisible "Nobility Badge" on my pecs whenever I teach, despite the possibility of my pockets being filled with crap.

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