Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Boss is a Universal Motion Dancer!

One of the enviable perks of working in a Big Four Firm is the opportunity to have lunch with high-profile people from the business community. Just this noon, I had lunch in a Japanese restaurant with two managers of a leading pharmaceutical company. Of course, my expertise in the arts of using chopsticks failed me, as usual.

Working in a Big Four Firm also introduces you to a drastic community of nerdy superiors. Yes, you read that right!

I cannot deny the fact that most Certified Public Accountants such as I had been very studious back during our college years. I even heard that some accounting majors ate books to digest them thoroughly (I haven’t confirmed this but some of my friends actually witnessed accounting majors gobbling over some Wiley’s. Those guys have extreme brain damage.).

These nerd-type people usually continue on to pass the dreadful CPA Board Exam, and land as respectable juniors in one of the Big Four. What’s unfortunate about this scenario is that a nerd will always remain a nerd, regardless of the position or title (That saves me because I had been cool all throughout my academic years. I have my friends to testify that.) Usually they stay for long years to achieve the goal of being a partner.

What bothers me is the training I get. Imagine me, a cool person, being trained by a nerd. It is as if my nerdy officemates are not punishment enough. Nerd pesters new hires in making some research about imaginary regulations. When informed of its nonexistence, nerd quotes “Nabasa ko na kasi dati yun!

“Eh tangina, kung nabasa mo na pala yun eh di dapat alam mo kung saang regulations mahahanap yun!!!”

My nerdy superior actually named himself after a Universal Motion Dancer. The reason I do not know. He can’t dance much less look like the person. When asked, he just says he loves the name. Now, how nerdy can that get?!

I am so fired.


Anonymous said...

only uncool people would have the gall to call themselves cool. Ahaha. You are such a nerd.

Yam said...

At least I don't suck dicks like you do...